Christmas Library Amnesty nets 200 items in the first week!

I would like to say a big thank you to all of the amazing people who have already returned their books in our Library Amnesty and contributed to a worthy cause.

After one week, Hills Shire Libraries have collected over 200 items including two Totem Tennis Kits – some people are very generous!

If you still have overdue books floating around at home, never fear! There is still a chance for you to bring back those items stashed underneath your bed or hiding in your bookcase. The Hills Shire Libraries will waive late fees until December 18 in exchange for one of the following – back to school supplies, personal care items, baby products or outdoor toys.

This year, donations will be given to three local charities including Foster Care Angels, The Sanctuary and Lisa Harnum Foundation.

It’s a fantastic initiative that benefits everyone in our Shire and helps to put unreturned books back on the shelves so they can be enjoyed by all and your generous donations will help these incredible charities to assist the most vulnerable in our community who may be doing it tough this Christmas.

So I urge you all to dig deep and spread a little bit of Christmas cheer.

Return your books and make a real difference in the lives of others at the same time!

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