The Hills To Hawkesbury Community News Is A Fortnightly Publication Which Has Been Operating For Over 35 Years. Contact Us Our Print Circulation Is Ten Thousand 32 Page Magazines Per Fortnight.  These Are Delivered To All The Popular Businesses And Shopping Centres Across The Hills And Hawkesbury Council Areas.  They Are All Collected By People Who Want To Read A Printed Magazine.  We Also Send Out Over 12,000 Emails Per Fortnight Sharing The Latest Edition With Our Subscriber List. Our Facebook Page Has A Growing Reader Base.  With Over 7000 Likes, Our Posts Are Shared Across The Community And It'S Not Unusual For Our 'Reach' Across The Community To Rise To 50-60,000 With A High Level Of Engagement. We Are A Trusted Source Of News In The Community. On The News Front Our Publication Employs Qualified Journalists, Bev Jordan And Lawrence Machado Who  Are Well Known For Their Excellent Reporting Skills And Knowledge Of The Area. The Hills To Hawkesbury Community News Strives To Provide The Community With A Platform To Promote Events, Community Groups And Sporting Organisations As Well As Showcase Talented Individuals.  Our News Coverage Includes The Latest Emergency Services Reports And What’s Going On In The Local Government Areas Of The Hills And Hawkesbury. Advertise
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Hills to Hawkesbury Community News (H2H) – Editorial guidelines

  • H2H prides itself in providing quality journalism. We always try to maintain the highest levels of integrity, fairness, professionalism and transparency.
  • We value local journalism and its importance in informing our community of what is happening.
  • We do not promote stories regarded as ‘click-bait’ or with sensational headlines
  • Fairness is important to us. We strive to produce a fair and unbiased story.
  • We ensure that editorial decisions are not improperly influenced by political, religious, commercial or personal interests.
  • We do welcome editorial submissions and article ideas from businesses, organisations and general readers. These will be judged on their merit in the context of delivering quality journalistic coverage of our area.

For any clarification on the above or to discuss a matter relating to guidelines, standards or coverage in H2H

publications please contact:
Bev Jordan, Senior Journalist
[email protected]

editorial guidelines