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Finding Solace in Simplicity: The Sanctuary Welcomes All.

When Tamara* and her 3 children arrived at The Sanctuary, they only had a small bag of precious belongings. Her children would not let her out of their sight, and she was near exhaustion from managing the tension in her home.

With her Sanctuary case worker by her side, Tamara was given a safe place to live while she prepared to start a new, safe life. Tamara said, “I didn’t realise I was a victim of domestic abuse because Gary* never hit me. But the underlying tension was unbearable as he controlled everything including the finances. I now know that is called Coercive Control”.

Coercive Control has recently been recognised in NSW as a criminal offence and is a form of domestic and family violence that is very common. Most women don’t think they are a victim of domestic abuse but physical violence is only one aspect.

The Sanctuary- the Hills Women’s Shelter is a 6 room home that provides crisis accommodation for 6 women and their children. Each family is supported by a caseworker as they build new, safer lives. “Being at The Sanctuary meant I could relax for the first time in years and the children slowly started to smile and laugh again” explains Tamara.

The Sanctuary relies on community support to keep their doors open and help women and children escaping domestic abuse. You can show your support by visiting and making a donation or joining an event.

If you or someone you know is in immediate danger call 000 now. If you need advice or shelter accommodation please call 1800 65 64 63 or 1800 152 152.

Mum Cation 92 Finding Solace In Simplicity: The Sanctuary Welcomes All.

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