The Hills Youth ambassadors will be keeping people active and creative at this year’s Australia Day event at Bella Vista Farm.

Reshmi Niriella, Tian Wong See and Savannah Mandakini are looking forward to being a big part of the day by running activities and chatting to people at the Youth hub near the Bella Vista homestead.

For those feeling active there will be a Blend-It bike to power and make a healthy smoothie and for those feeling creative there are several panels of giant mural to colour in.

Tian will also be chatting about his mental health booklet (see separate story on this page)

The Hills to Hawkesbury News asked Savannah Mandakini and Reshmi Niriella what Australia Day meant to them.

This is what they said:

SAVANNAH: “Australia Day, in my opinion, means a lot of things, but mainly it’s about celebrating what Australia was, is and will be in the future.

Close Up Savannah To Go With Aus Day Quote Youthful Approach“It’s about acknowledging the indigenous people on whose land we stand today and the people from various countries who have made our country what it is.”

“It’s about celebrating Australia’s achievements. And, most importantly, it’s about thinking about Australia’s future and how we’re going to make it an even better country than what it is.”

“Let’s make the most of our team and community spirit to get together as the citizens, and especially the young citizens, of this country on Australia Day to talk about our future. Because if we don’t, who else will?

RESHMI: “To me, Australia Day involves celebration. Celebrating the land and the people who live here.

Close Up Reshmi To Go With Aus Day Quote H2H Youthful Approach“It’s also a day of reflection on Australia’s history and how it has evolved into the contemporary Australia we live in today.”

“As I wasn’t born here, Australia Day to me also involves appreciating a society which embraces different ethnic groups and uniting all groups together to stand proud as Australians.”