The Flavours of Italy

There is a real touch Flavours of Italy awaiting for you at the CSI Club at Schofields thanks to Cucina 81.

The restaurant was founded in the flavours of the club’s rich Italian culture founded at Schofields in 1979.

Cucina 81 takes love, passion, and a good plate of pasta to new heights with a carefully curated, exceptional menu that will delight.

The extensive menu features pasts and pizzas but also club favourites including burgers, barramundi and schnitzel.

Cucina is Italian for kitchen and the menu reflects the best in Italian home cooking with a fine flair – just be tempted by the beef di menzo.

The CSI Club was created by a small group of Italian immigrant families in 1979 with the sole purpose of establishing a facility that would become a meeting place for their community in the North West region of Sydney. Today the club is open to all and celebrates good food and company as one of the most simple pleasures in life with authentic coffee, desserts and food.

Drop in for the flavour of Italy at The CSI Club 81 South St, Schofields.


The Flavours Of Italy

The Flavours of Italy,The Flavours of Italy

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