How Retirement Villages are Uniting People

Confidence comes from a sense of belonging and being connected to a community is what provides that sense of belonging. COVID-19 has had a particularly strong influence on people seeking different needs after the effects of the recent lockdown.

People are looking for more from their communities and from the homes they live in. Moving into the next phase of life should be an exciting occasion. Uniting believes that everyone should enjoy the confidence of belonging.

Leonie decided to move to a Uniting village in 2010 after doing a tour of the community. “You don’t realise the friendships and the interdependence you’ll develop when you move in. “Every day I am surrounded by things to do with my friends.”

The realisation at Uniting is that confidence comes from belonging and sharing memorable moments with like-minded people.

That’s why community and caring are built in at every Uniting NSW. ACT retirement village. Uniting has had over 50 years of Retirementexperience to consider each and every detail that makes retirement living more enjoyable.

Everyone deserves to discover new passions in the comfort of their home. Uniting offers a community full of respectful, social and like-minded individuals. And pets are welcome if their owners choose to bring them. A Uniting village is a perfect place to find your new home and your new forever friends

In that community, we are Uniting People. Book a tour by calling 1800 864 846 or go to

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