PET INSURANCE – Is it worth it?

We are frequently asked for our opinion on the controversial topic of pet insurance. Many pet owners are unsure if they should take out a policy for their new pet and there is a great deal of confusion regarding which policy represents the best value.

The bottom line is that pet insurance IS a good idea, but like many things in life – you get what you pay for and it pays to read the fine print!

Health care is expensive regardless of whether it’s for humans or animals. Thankfully Australia has one of the best healthcare systems in the world and human healthcare costs are heavily subsidised by the government. Many Australians who find themselves requiring emergency treatment can attend a well-equipped public hospital and receive fantastic health care without paying a cent.

Unfortunately, Medicare does not cover the cost of our pets’ healthcare and so pet owners must be prepared for both routine and emergency medical expenses for their pets.

This is where pet insurance can help ease the burden. Pet owners can choose a level of cover that suits their needs for a monthly premium that suits their budget, some policies will also have a variable excess, just like car insurance.

It is critical to know what your premium covers and what is excluded – if your pet has pre-existing medical conditions, you won’t be able to claim against these (at least in the short term) and some policies have limits to how much cover they will pay for conditions such as tick paralysis and certain orthopaedic surgeries.

At the other end of the spectrum, there are policies that have generous allowances and will also cover routine procedures such as dentistry, vaccinations and desexing operations.

Also check if the insurance company accept GapOnly? GapOnly is innovating the pet insurance claims experience. They review and calculate your claim while you are with us at the vet and you simply pay the gap (the difference between our vet invoice and your pet insurance claim benefit under your policy).

To help new pet owners navigate the tricky world of pet insurance we offer a month of FREE pet insurance for all new puppies and kittens to allow pet owners time to consider all the options. We also offer pet health care plans that bundle all the routine healthcare costs into a discounted, monthly payment which is much easier for budgeting.


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