New defibrillators at VIC and Library

The Mayor of Hawkesbury, Councillor Kim Ford has welcomed the installation of automated external defibrillators (AEDs) at two Council facilities, the Hawkesbury Central Library at Windsor and the Visitor Information Centre at Clarendon.

“The installation of these machines at both the Hawkesbury Central Library, Windsor and the Visitor Information Centre will be of considerable community benefit, as both sites attract many visitors and recreational users at surrounding parks and gardens,” Councillor Ford said.

“Council First Aid Officers at Hawkesbury Central Library and the Visitor Information Centre have received training in the use of the defibrillators.

“These defibrillators have been generously donated by the Windsor Rotary’s Hawkesbury Heartstart Campaign, which is a vital project being run throughout the Hawkesbury.”

Each year, some 30,000 Australians will be unfortunate enough to experience a sudden cardiac arrest.

Sudden cardiac arrest does not discriminate against gender or age. Less than five per cent survive, often because help cannot be reached in time.

“My congratulation to the campaign’s founder, Dr Ravi Sahasrabuddhe, a local Rotarian and respected doctor who has been helping the Hawkesbury for over 42 years as well as all the Rotarians and the community involved,” Councillor Ford said.

“In less than a year since it kicked off, the Windsor Rotary’s Hawkesbury Heartstart Campaign has already achieved a great deal by getting defibrillators in new places in the Hawkesbury and by increasing awareness through events and fundraisers.

“The people of the Hawkesbury are a close-knit community and it is wonderful to see how many of us have already donated to this vital project. I encourage everyone to continue to donate to the Windsor Rotary’s Hawkesbury Heartstart campaign.”

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