Lust at First Bite

Whilst the true meaning and origins of Valentine’s Day is shrouded in mystery and debate, modern society clearly embraces February 14 as the designated day that we declare our love to our Valentine with flowers, chocolates and poetic cards. But why for only one day?

Australian couple, Ross Holland and Melissa Horton, know the importance of embracing love, intimacy and fun in a relationship on more than just one day a year. They’ve created a new cookbook for couples “Lust at First Bite” – a fresh and playful way in which couples can discover, or rediscover, open communication, connection, respect and erotic intimacy through cooking and play.

A ‘cookbook with an erotic twist’, Lust at First Bite contains 12 tantalising chapters, each combining delicious recipes for food and drink with playful ideas of romance, conversation and seduction – encouraging couples to ignite the spark in their relationship. Some chapters are sweet and romantic, some pure fun, and some just a little bit naughty. Enhanced with stunning photos by Australian photographer Simon Cardwell, Lust at First Bite is a visually beautiful book for any couple – whether they have been married for 30 years, lovers for one or two, or are just beginning to date.

“There are many parts to a loving relationship – feeling appreciated, loved and desired are important components” said co-founder and author Melissa Horton. “Sometimes, in our busy lives, physical and emotional intimacy can be overlooked and begin to dissipate. Couples may drift apart, stop spending quality time together and disagree more often. This can lead to loneliness, resentment and disconnection. But the true love is still there, bubbling away underneath – just waiting to be uncovered. Uncovering this desire, connection, and importantly, fun, is what Lust at First Bite has been created for.”

Ross and Melissa have not only developed this fresh approach to relationship self-help, but have also written, produced and self-published Lust at First Bite themselves, a dream which they have had for years. “It all started with a picnic in bed, in a quaint and cosy bedsitter in Notting Hill, London, 13 years ago” said co-author, Melissa Horton.

“We were madly in love and lust. Life was exciting, easy, and ridiculously, crazily, sexy. We talked. We told each other everything, our biggest dreams, our deepest fears. We played. We were open and honest. It was joyous and freeing. We thought: this is amazing. This is truly AMAZING. Everyone should be feeling this good. Let’s write a book and enlighten the world. Food + love + laughter + lust + sex + romance. What more could anyone want in life?”

Fast forward several years; add two children, a mortgage, and “a strangely jealous dog”, and life was quite different. Less time, less money, more compromise, more stress. Life wasn’t always so easy. But the dream, the idea, of Lust at First Bite was ever present.

“As our relationship grew and deepened, so did the book. There were difficult and stressful times. There were times when we neglected to give one another the time we deserved. There were times we forgot what we loved about one other. Heck at one stage the book almost morphed into ‘How Not To Kill Your Husband With The Meat Tenderiser’. But in these times we would always turn back to the early days. The communication. The fun. The pure joy of love and lust.”

And so Lust at First Bite evolved to what it is today. An intimate, light and playful way for couples to take time out of their busy lives to nurture and cherish one another – not just on Valentine’s day, but on any day of the year.

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