Make your Wishes Known to your Loved Ones

Why do we plan ahead? We do it to reap benefits like peace of mind, security and to protect those we care for so we can enjoy life.

We all plan for life’s major events: our wedding day, buying a home, starting a family, the children’s education, for our career through to retirement. We typically work harder to achieve this, retire later and live longer.

Some of us are becoming more affluent, enabling us to plan retirements full of the sorts of activities we perhaps didn’t have time for during our working lives. Many of us look to get our affairs in order, enabling retirement to be a time of enjoyment with the family, newly discovered hobbies and rediscovered passions.

Apart from writing a will, what else can we do to plan ahead? Traditionally it has been a taboo subject and we’ve had few options, but now that’s changed.

Today we’re able to plan ahead for almost anything including our memorial or burial. This final event is a celebration of our life and achievements, and we’re able to protect, one last time, those we love from making decisions about our final memorial arrangements, at what unquestionably will be an emotional time.

A prepaid memorial or burial gives you the opportunity to record your wishes by pre-arranging and paying for a future memorial at today’s price. This offers a number of benefits including payment plans with no interest or fees. Prepaying your memorial or burial secures your preferred memorial to be forever remembered by future generations.

To take the first step in prepaying your memorial or burial, speak to our professional staff at the pristine Castlebrook Memorial Park on 9629 1477.


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