Cemetery Upgrade

The Hills Shire Council has completed its upgrade of Castle Hill Cemetery.

The $3.78 million makeover includes enhancing the amenity of the site, as well as increasing the burial capacity with approximately 2000 new spaces.

The scope of works completed at Castle Cemetery included:

• Construction of a contemporary memorial garden facility incorporating new columbarium walls;

• Upgrade of the existing central avenue to formalise the road way and provide as much parking as possible;

• Construction of front entry wall, gate & fencing to improve identification of the cemetery and improve pedestrian access;

• Expansion of lawn burial areas;

• Footpath links to Gilbert Road and Fred Caterson Reserve; and

• Relocation of the existing columbarium wall.

Hills Shire Mayor Michelle Byrne said she was impressed. “Castle Hill Cemetery plays an important role in bringing family and friends together to pay tribute to a loved one, and this upgrade ensures they feel comfort right from the ceremony to the burial,” Mayor Byrne said.

“The memorial garden is the centrepiece of the cemetery. The columbarium walls, which are located within this garden, provide a sheltered place where the community can take time to reflect and pay their respects. It’s also been designed in a circular manner to let in natural light, which also gives it a halo effect.

“We’ve also managed to expand the cemetery within its existing boundaries to provide more interment spaces. This ensures the cemetery remains sustainable and useable for years to come. ”


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