Magic Mosaic

‘Reflections of the Hawkesbury – 2020’ mosaic was created at Be & Co. by community members and lead artist Marian Shapiro, and was funded by Hawkesbury City Council and KLS Outdoor Training.

The Be & Co. is a pop- up social event run by Michelle Hookham to promote connection, support and wellbeing. The event is a COVID Safe event.

“Michelle is a qualified local mental health nurse and homeopath, who recognised that the community would benefit from a non-clinical setting where people could connect with each other and with local services,”

Mayor Patrick Conolly said. “Council has supported the Be &; Co. project since its inception, and we are proud to have also been able to contribute to the creation of the mosaic.

“A total of 57 people have helped to create this mosaic, an amazing effort, congratulations everyone,” he said.

“The mosaic is a reflection of our Hawkesbury community. The design reflects the local area, with the river as a central linking motif and a patchwork of fields surrounding it. The process of its creation reflects the spirit of the Hawkesbury; individuals connecting with each other and making great things happen.”

Be & Co. also offers access to social services while improving the social connectedness and wellbeing of isolated residents. Be & Co. is a relaxed space where people can come along, have a free barista-made coffee and a chat with other people in the community. To find out more, visit