Living on the Edge

Living in Australia’s beautiful but deadly bushland requires you to be prepared for the worst. Joe from Kenthurst has set up his home to be ready if the bushfires come his way. Located on the outskirts of Sydney, near Guppy Creek, Joe has created a reticulation system using Aussie Pump’s famous Fire Fighting Pumps to protect his family home.

In 2002, Joe’s house was nearly destroyed when bushfires threatened to burn down his home. Since then he has taken his time to install a reticulation system to prevent and protect his property.

“There’s always a worry. The bush itself is very dry; it’s waiting for a bad season,” said Joe “I’m getting prepared all the time.”

Aussie provides a free Bushfire Survival Guide that provides instruction on how you can protect your home and set up your own reticulation system.

For a full view of Joe’s reticulation system, search Aussie Pumps on Youtube and see our latest video.

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