Laughs and More at the Pavilion

Castle Hill Players are excited to be announcing a return to the iconic Pavilion Theatre at Castle Hill Showground where they have been performing and entertaining residents since 1966.

‘We’re back!,” exclaimed spokesperson Annette Snars, announcing the launch of Season 2022. “We’re ready to present six outstanding plays to thrill our audiences, who have stood by us through it all. It’s been an incredible experience for everyone and it’s time to return to the things we all enjoy doing, the things that make our lives happy and fulfilled. Theatre is very much a part of that.”

The six productions offer a variety of genres: comedy, mystery, thriller, farce and drama.

Entertaining Angels by Richard Everett, directed by Jennifer Willison was just days away from opening when the June lockdown was announced. The very English comedy introduces recently widowed Grace, who should be discovering the newfound freedom to do and say exactly as she pleases. As in all good English comedies, complications are just around the corner.

The Mystery of Irma Vep (A Penny Dreadful) by Charles Ludlum and directed by Meredith Jacobs is a farcical Victorian melodrama that challenges two actors to undertake the roles of lords and ladies, maids and mummies, werewolves and who knows what else as they travel from haunted Mandacrest Manor to Egypt to get to the bottom of the mystery of Irma Vep.

Earth & Sky by Douglas Post, is directed by Faith Jessel. In true film noir style, it will leave you breathless as Sara McKeon launches her own investigation into the death of her lover and finds herself drawn into Chicago’s dark underworld.

All My Sons by Arthur Miller and directed by Jan Mahoney is based on a true story as a family comes to terms with their eldest son being declared missing in action. Set in 1946 in Ohio, it explores ruin and respectability and the fallacy of the American Dream.

The Appleton Ladies’ Potato Race by Melanie Tait, directed by Bernard Teuben brings us home to a quintessential Australian country town. Prodigal daughter, Penny, returns from the big smoke and realizes the annual Potato Race has vastly differing prizes for men and women. It’s a sparkling comedy about change and how we see our future.


Picasso at the Lapin Agile by legendary American comedian, Steve Martin, is directed by Jewell Johnson. A group of Montmartre locals gather in a Parisian café in 1904, joining Albert Einstein and Pablo Picasso to muse on the century past and the century yet to come. A surprise visitor is a charismatic, dark-haired, time traveller wearing blue suede shoes. Go to the website for tickets: www., and follow on Facebook and Instagram.

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