Joy In Becoming Citizens


It’s a journey spanning three beautiful countries and now Nitasha Pal is delighted to make Australia her permanent home.

Mrs Pal and her daughter Nayna will be among 72 residents taking their citizenship oaths on Australia Day at the Hills Shire Council event.

Born in Nadi, Fiji, Mrs Pal and her husband Ashwin, lived in Wellington, New Zealand, after marriage in 2002 and moved to Sydney in 2007. The couple and their 14-year-old daughter all have New Zealand citizenship.

She said they love Australia’s natural beauty and appreciate the delightful mix of cultures.

“I always wanted to be an Australian citizen because I love this country,” Mrs Pal said. “This is very exciting for us and we will celebrate the citizenship with a barbecue on January 28, because it is my husband’s birthday. I do love New Zealand but Australia is very green like Fiji. Australia has a mix of everything and is an exotic place.”

Mrs Pal, whose sister-in-law is also receiving her citizenship, said she does miss some things from Fiji, “specially family, friends and the laid back lifestyle”.

The Pals moved into West Pennant Hills several years ago, having first lived in Epping and Ryde.


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