Jetters to the Rescue

With the recent floods in the Hawkesbury Valley and beyond, it’s not only councils and water authorities that are having to deal potential health issues from overflowing septic tanks. Plumbers are also being faced with unprecedented increased blocked sewer and stormwater drains.

Reece, Australia’s leading plumbing supply store, Windsor branch are seeing a demand for high pressure water jetting equipment to clear drains fast and efficiently. Australian Pumps are the leaders in supplying drain cleaning jetters.

“Plumbers are coming in requesting Aussie Jetters to get the job done faster. The word has spread that these machines are also far safer”, said Assistant Manager Jimmy Veness. “Our plumbers are very happy with the Aussie Jetters and really looking forward to using them.

“Just the range of the jetter alone, 60 metres from the machine, is a huge advantage over any mechanical ‘Eel’. The Aussie Viper Mini Reel is a huge benefit in terms of convenience and safety”, he said.

Aussie’s range of jetters start from 4,000 psi 20 litres per minute flow, with larger machines clearing drains up to 9”!

All Aussie jetters now come with a safety plate that protects the operator when withdrawing the hose from the drain, with bigger machines including free hose restraints and E-stop. urther information is available from Australian Pump Industries


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