Hills Shire Election Candidates

At the time of publication, the ballot draw had not taken place so this is not the order that the groups that will appear on the ballot paper.
*Denotes sitting councillor. Election 

• LABOR: *Tony HAY, Baulkham Hills; Tina CARTWRIGHT, North Kellyville; Steve MARKS, Castle Hill.
• LIBERAL: Jessica BRAZIER, Castle Hill; Mark HODGES, West Pennant Hills; Jagmohan DHALIWAL, Glenhaven.
• THE GREENS: Vida SHAHAMAT, Glenhaven; Seyed HOSSEINIPOUR, Glenhaven; Denice FINNEGAN, Annangrove.
• LIBERAL DEMOCRAT: Curtis KRAUS, Castle Hill.

• LABOR: *Ryan TRACEY, Baulkham Hills; Carol CHAN, Baulkham Hills; Chris WORTHINGTON, Baulkham Hills.
• LIBERAL: Jerome COX, Thornleigh; *Reena JETHI, Baulkham Hills; Raylee HODGES, West Pennant Hills.
• THE GREENS: Erica HOCKLEY, Baulkham Hills; Catherine WOOLNOUGH, Baulkham Hills; Ghazaleh ZABIHI AALI, Kellyville;

• LIBERAL: *Peter GANGEMI, Box Hill; Virginia ELLIS, Kenthurst; Mitchell BLUE, Glenhaven; Rory O’Connor, Castle Hill;
• THE GREENS: Mila KASBY, Kenthurst; Danielle PACKER, Baulkham Hills; Paul HARVEY, Nelson.
• INDEPENDENT: George ROZYCKI, Beaumont Hills.

• LIBERAL: Rosemarie BONEHAM, Thornleigh; *Frank DE MASI, Bella Vista; Terrisa MURRAY, Stanhope Gardens.
• LABOR: Barbara BURTON, Dural; Alex KARKI, Bella Vista; Monika TRACEY, Baulkham Hills.
• THE GREENS: Daniel PEHLIVAN, Castle Hill; Matthew COX, Kenthurst; Soodeh MEMARI, Kellyville.
• INDEPENDENT: Tiger LIU, Baulkham Hills.

Early voting or pre-poll is available from Monday, November 22nd to Friday, December 3rd. Any person enrolled to vote may vote by pre-poll but can only vote in person in their local council area. If you have moved to a new area since you last voted, you should check your enrolment. To apply for a postal vote you can either apply online or download and return a Postal vote application. Visit elections.nsw.gov.au for more information.

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