A very funny comedy you can actually bring your Nan along to enjoy

Set in New York, Bridget takes the opportunity to spend some time with her favourite Grandmother before heading off to University. The visit introduces her to Tom, the local cop on the beat, and Nana’s dear, and very interesting, friend Vera. As Bridget discovers and freely admits… being Nana’s roommate for the Summer is going to be an experience she’ll never forget. It seems her sweet Grandma is running an illegal boutique from her apartment, selling hand-made naughty knickers to every senior citizen in the area! Will Bridget be able to handle all the excitement? Will her Nana get arrested – or worse! – evicted? If you like a good laugh, then come along to the Dural Soldiers’ Memorial Hall to find out how Bridget manages to cope with her Nana’s illegal sideline and the apartment block manager who is trying to evict her.

Following the success of “A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Forum” in May, Dural Musical Society follows up with another comedy – this time a modern day look at how an enterprising old age pensioner and her best friend can cause havoc in the city of New York. DMS regulars will be pleased to see Linda Corbin and Judy Clarke playing Nana and her friend Vera, while “Forum “ patrons will recognise Brooke Stephens as Bridget, Tom Oliver as the local policeman, and Millie Reid as the unexpected visitor. Support roles are played by Eddie Bruce, Joshua Brown and Karen Smyth.

“Nana’s Naughty Knickers is a slick comedy by a relatively new playwright, Katy DiSavino… the dialog is crisp and funny, and the action fast-paced… this Senior Citizen’s sexy sideline will have you in stitches!" – Lancaster Journal

For tickets please visit our website: www.duralmusicalsociety.org Bookings can also be made by phone by calling (02) 8960 8895.

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