THE NORWEST mentoring program, launched earlier, this year has already proven a hit, with both mentors and mentees benefiting from the inter-generational exchange.

The program connects business and professional leaders with a new generation to foster the collaboration and innovation culture that will drive the knowledge economy and provide the jobs of the future at Norwest.

Mentees can come from all walks of life, including students, young graduates and employees, and meet regularly with their mentors to discuss their career development, challenges and business ideas.

Twenty-one-year old Emily Abbey was originally looking for support in launching an online events management business but after time with her mentor Bev Barnfather, CEO of Ladybird Group in Norwest, Emily has changed direction altogether to pursue her passion for law.

Emily didn’t believe she had “what it takes” to do law, but after discussions with Bev, advice from a lawyer friend of Bev’s as well as research online, Emily has enrolled in a bridging course so she can enrol in an arts degree which will then allow her to transition to law down the track.

“Bev was more than a mentor to me, we formed a really great relationship,” said Emily.

“I feel like everything happens for a reason. Bev was really good at keeping me accountable and I now feel I am on the right track career-wise.”

Emily is excited to be pursuing her real passion, and Bev has offered to continue mentoring her. Bev has organised to have a regular call every two to three weeks and a meeting every quarter to find out how she is going on her new journey.

It’s anything but a one-way knowledge transfer with mentors finding it an enriching experience interacting with bright young minds who can provide useful insights for themselves and their own professional life.

“I get a lot of joy in mentoring people,” Bev said. “If I can help Emily find a road to realising her passion, I will be thrilled. Even if it doesn’t work out, Emily has developed so much through the process and learnt so much along the way.” Mulpha Developments Executive General Manager, Tim Spencer, said: “The mentoring program is designed to tap into Norwest’s most valuable resource, the quality of our people and the knowledge, expertise and entrepreneurial spirit that is so abundant in the Norwest business community.

“We want Norwest to be known for the quality of the people that work here because of a culture that helps develop people develop their potential whatever their stage of career, where they are willing to try things and pursue their dreams.”

“Fostering lifelong learning is the key to driving business innovation and creating the vibrant entrepreneurial economy of the future.”

Potential mentors and mentees have until December 14 to register their interest in joining the 2020 Norwest Mentoring Program. Contact Maleea Finnemore on 0448 471 603 or email [email protected].

Mulpha Norwest is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mulpha Australia Pty Limited which has operated in Australia since 1985.

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