As many would be aware, our beautiful youngest daughter Billie was involved in a freak horse accident on May 29th.

Billie grew up with a love of horses like her sister Charlie. Billie was sitting in a saddle long before she could walk and was a very accomplished rider with a passion for show jumping. We lived in the Whitsundays, Queensland but in September 2013 we left for a seven month trip around Australia so the girls could compete in some bigger showjumping competitions. Billie’s dad took long service leave and we packed up our truck and the two girls, two horses, two dogs, myself and Dave set of on an incredible adventure.

We had so much fun. We ended up staying on a beautiful property in NSW and the family invited us to stay as long as we wanted. This turned out longer than we thought when the girls declared that they didn’t want to go home, but wanted to stay and live here in NSW so they could continue their show jumping. We enrolled the girls in school and three years later we are still here.

In 2015 Billie and her pony, Diesel won the NSW State Interschool Primary Show Jumping Championship and also became the NSW State Interschool Primary Champion Rider. Bruce Farrar, CEO of Equestrian NSW called Billie “one of our best young riders”. She was a very respected part of the equestrian community and Sydney Show Jumping Club have erected a grand stand in her honour.

Billie was only 12 years old when she died, but even as her mother, it still surprises me that she was only 12. Billie always wanted to know more, do more and be more yet at the same time was always grateful for everything she had.

She was an extraordinary girl in that she had the gift of giving. She gave through her smile, her touch, her thoughtfulness, her random acts of kindness and her amazing gift of words. Billie shone academically and had in fact just been awarded an academic scholarship next year to Arndell Anglican College in NSW based on her amazing writing ability. Billie always wanted to write a book and would often ask her dad and me what she should write about. After Billie died we gathered up her poems, stories and artwork in order to fulfil her vision so that her own words can complete her journey.

With Billie’s words we have been given the gift of viewing this world through her eyes, the eyes of a beautiful caring soul, the eyes of innocence, the eyes of belief and hope. This book opens your heart to see the world just as it should be seen, through LOVE. An unconditional love for life and everything that it has to offer. Through her amazing gifts of empathy and insight this book is to inspire and give hope to others. The school have now made a perpetual Billie Kinder Writing Award in her name.

I am so very proud of her and all the amazing things she accomplished. Billie volunteered at The Riding for Disabled when she wasn’t competing. She had an unbelievable way of helping and inspiring other children and regularly helped out at school with different programs for the younger grades.

Billie touched everyone she met and managed to touch even those she didn’t. When people talk of Billie, they remember her as the cheerful, cheeky, fun loving girl with the constant smile. Her laugh was truly unique, infectious and unforgettable.

Billie had a passion for animals, and adored her horses, dogs, rabbit and chickens. Billie wanted to help mistreated animals and even went so far as to write down ways of taking action so she could fundraise at school. All the profits from “HOPE” will go towards animals and sick children. The Billie Kinder fund has now donated over $15,000 from the profits of “HOPE”.

Donations have been made to Bear Cottage, an initiative of the children’s hospital at Westmead to fund Frankie, the resident therapy dog who visits the sick children every day. Donations also went to help fundraise for a Seizure Response Dog for a six year old girl with epilepsy. The last donation Billie’s fund made has gone to Assistance Dogs Australia to help fund a dog for an autistic child. All these causes Billie would have loved and I am so proud of her and the difference she is making in people’s lives.

You can buy Billie’s book on line at or at The Pitt Town Post Office or Jewellery by a Farmers Daughter in Windsor.

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