Fire Danger in the Urban Interface

It’s undeniable that the weather is changing. Days are hotter, droughts longer, bushfires more frequent and more intense.

Recent rain has brought a temporary reprieve that gives property owners a chance to plan and execute a proper bushfire protection strategy before the next heatwave.

Australian Pump, the countries’ leading manufacturer and supplier of engine drive fire pumps have been on high alert for the last 4 months.

“We know that the houses on the Urban Interface are in potential danger. Our experience on the front-line has highlighted a real need for not only product, but education,” said Aussie Pumps Chief Engineer, John Hales.

Australian Pump has developed fire pumps and systems to help homeowners to protect their properties. The company has printed and given away thousands of free Bushfire Survival Guides.

The Urban Interface is currently quoted by the RFS in NSW as being at least 1 million houses. That’s a million houses in jeopardy that need protection!

For more information including Aussie Pumps free Bushfire Survival Guide visit the Aussie Pumps website ( or contact your local dealer.

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