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Groundcovers are a great way to reduce maintenance in our gardens by covering the soil with evergreen foliage and a rich tapestry of colourful textures and leaf shapes. Plant in groups for visual impact.

There are wonderful varieties available in our local nurseries. A great way to add visual interest to our gardens. The following are a selection of useful plants.

Ajuga reptans “Blue” dark green oval leaves, vigorous low growing perennial frost hardy, part shade with purple flowers.

Alternanthera dentata “Little Ruby” compact spreading groundcover, purple -burgundy foliage full sun to part shade, 30-40cm h × 60-90cm w. Year round colour.

Artemisia absinthium “Lambrook Silver”- Wormwood, unique silvery foliage, grows into a mound 40cm high × 50cm wide.

Bacopa – low growing groundcover 9cm h × 30cm w, flower colours, pink, white and blue, full sun to filtered shade, great as a spillover for retaining walls.

Banksia” Birthday Candles” bird attracting with golden orange candle like flowers early autumn to early spring 45cm h × 60cm w.

Convolvolus cneorum (pictured) -long flowering white flowers with silver foliage. Tolerates hot dry areas.

Correa “Pink Mist” grey green foliage with tubular pink flowers 1.5m wide × 75cm high ,grows into a mound.

Dianthus-Dianthus chinesis “Pink Blush” masses of scented fringed white to pink blooms 10-30cm H × 30-50cm W drought tolerant.

Gazania tomentosa Silver Gazania soft silky silver foliage with daisy like flowers in yellow, pink, orange and red.

Geranium crispum Lemon Scented Geranium, strong lemon scent with small crinkled leaves, pale lavender flowers ,70 cm × 30cm, full sun

Grevillea “Bronze Rambler”a vigorous prostrate groundcover with fern like foliage ,crimson toothbrush flowers, 30cm high × 3m wide.

Hebe buxifolia Box Leaf Hebe, 1m × 50cm, white flowers with dark dense green foliage, full sun to part shade.

Lavender stoechas– Italian Lavender, rich purple flower with aromatic silver foliage, 80cm × 80cm. Also available in pink or white flowers.

Myoporium parvifolium purpurea ,white flowers, fast growing ,full sun 15-30cm high × 3m wide,glossy green foliage.

Nepeta “Walkers Low”– Catmint,90cm × 60 cm with aromatic grey-green foliage and lavender blue flowers ,Full sun.

Osteospermum Purple Sun-African Daisy, long flowering apricot and lilac daisy blooms 3cm high × 45 cm wide.

Verbena “Purple Passion”, 15-30cm H × 30- 90cm W, full sun to light shade ,long blooming deep purple flowers, fast growing ground cover.

Vinca Vinca minor, 0.5h × 1.5M w, violet blue flowers, glossy green foliage from Spring to Autumn, sun or shade.

Viola banksia Native Violet, heart shaped leaves with purple and white flowers, spreading foliage for shady areas

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