Bob and Pat Sharpley’s love of bromeliads started when their son bought his first house, from an older couple approx 10 years ago.

The overgrown garden had an old shade house and while Bob was helping get the house in order, Pat decided to rescue some plants.

At the time they didn’t even know what they were but there were lots and they had an attractive red inner colouring.

They brought the bromeliads home and put them in their garden where they grew profusely and Bob recalls even whipper snipping the broms (not recommended) to keep them in order.

At some stage someone told them these were bromeliads and shortly after Pat saw an ad for a bromeliad sale where they collected flyers for the next BSA show and meeting.

These days Bob does most of the daily bromeliad work (and has extremely high standards) and Pat is the purchasing officer.

Bob uses the ANL (Australian Native Landscape) orchid and bromeliad mix. He doesn’t fertilise his neos and doesn’t change the position of any brom without reason.

When cleaning up a brom, he first checks if it’s looking good, and if it isn’t growing well, he then moves it. Bob often judges if the plant is in right position on how well the pup looks and he feels it is a matter of getting to know the different positions in your yard and your brom species. Some bromeliads need light to colour up (eg red) but some need more shade.

So when the BSA meetings commence again come along and talk to Bob or Pat, if you have Neo related problems or questions, that is what being a member is all about – sharing the joys and pitfalls of bromeliads.

For further information please contact Ian Hook, President – mobile 0408 202 269 or email – [email protected]

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