AWL Community Outreach

In a bid to provide vital welfare initiatives for companion animals in the Hawkesbury and Penrith communities, the Animal Welfare League (AWL) NSW’s Mobile Vet Truck accompanied by a team of veterinarians and volunteers, visited the Penrith Paceway Showground on May 21 and 22.

The two-day community outreach saw 248 domestic cats and dogs (and a rabbit) presented to the experienced veterinary team for health checks.

There were 121 microchips issued at no cost to the owners. A total of 239 vaccinations were administered over the two days at heavily discounted rates.

The event was open to all residents of both Hawkesbury and Penrith Local Council Areas who hold a pension or a concession card

AwlMany of those who attended said it was a, “fantastic opportunity” to have their companion animals receive crucial veterinary care.

Leonie Elvin, President of the Animal Welfare League NSW Hawkesbury Valley branch was at the event to help with her team of volunteers assisting the veterinary team and issuing desexing vouchers to community members.

She said initiatives like the AWL’s community outreach were vital towards preventing large parvovirus outbreaks in the region, saying in some suburbs the incidence of communicable diseases like parvovirus was very high.

“It is essential to have your pet vaccinated against life-threatening diseases that are highly contagious. Not vaccinating your pet sets off a domino effect that ends up claiming a lot of lives,” she said.

Dr Nicole McMillan, Vet Services Manager and all staff at Animal Welfare League ( AWL) NSW thanked volunteers from Vets Beyond Borders, as well as Dr Lynn Mathison from Selwood House Veterinary Hospital, Hazelbrook for their critical support over the two-day event.

Generous support from the community enables Animal Welfare League NSW to deliver life-changing programs and ensuring best welfare standards for animals across NSW.

To donate visit or call 02 8777 4461 to help continue the critical service

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