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Hills Locals’ Persian Cat Wins Big

Main Winner Overal Couple Hills Locals' Persian Cat Wins Big
L-r: jeanie brown, tony brown, helena sugar

Long term Hills employees Tony and Jeanie Brown’s pet Persian cat ‘Royal Glamour Cloud Nyne’ has been awarded Supreme Cat of the Year at the recent Cats NSW prestigious awards function which was held at North Richmond Panthers on 26th November. He has now been awarded Best Group One cat for two consecutive years.

Cloud Nyne is a desexed Persian cat and it was a dream they had to breed their very own champion cat although it never entered their minds that the cat would go so far. Jeanine and Tony are boutique registered Breeders specialising in Persians. Jeanine in the past had much success showing and breeding dogs, the medium breed called ‘Chow Chows’ and then decided to commence showing and breeding the Persian cat. At the time it was very difficult to obtain a show quality kitten as there weren’t many around for sale.

Persian Cat
Royal glamour cloud nyne

Cloud Nyne’s mother ‘Greencroft Justa Duchess’ won outright Supreme cat at the Sydney Royal 2023. At the time of purchasing Duchess, they were hoping to breed a blue and white male from this litter which Jeanine and Tony achieved with Cloud Nyne. Jeanine said showing a Persian takes a lot of time and dedication, it’s a bit of a full-time job trying to keep a long-haired cat groomed and maintained to perfection for the show ring.

The earliest written history of the Persian cat dates back to the early 1500s although some believe the Persian might be even older. They are believed to have originated in Mesopotamia, later called Persia where the name comes from, which is now modern-day Iran. Queen Victoria owned several Persian cats and the breed found their way to the United States in the late 1800s and early 1900s. It was one of the first purebred cats to come to Australia.

The Australian Cat Federation along with Cats NSW will be holding an Australia-wide two-day prestigious Cat Show on 8th and 9th June at the Hawkesbury Showground. You will be able to see award-winning ‘Royalglamour Cloud Nyne’ along with his glamorous mother ‘Greencroft Justa Duchess’ competing there. There will be all breeds of pedigree cats on display along with the common domestic cat, which will come from all over Australia to compete. It was last held in Sydney 2019 and there were nearly 370 cats and kittens entered. It is an excellent day out to see all the different varieties of breeds and to speak to many Breeders. There will also be stalls and all sorts of fun things to do on the day.

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