Residents in the Hills and Hawkesbury districts are facing a deadly and dangerous summer. Local pump manufacturer, Aussie Pumps, is urging homeowners with a water source like a pool to consider buying a firefighting pump as part of their bushfire plan.

To assist with selection, Aussie Pumps put together a short video guide to choosing a quality fire pump like the Aussie Fire Chief.

“Choosing a firefighting pump isn’t as simple as picking a price point,” said Aussie Product Manager Brad Farrugia. “We’ve put together a short video to help customers make an informed choice.”

The guide outlines 5 points to check when choosing a pump for bushfire protection.

1. PERFORMANCE: The pumps performance is critical to its effectiveness.

2. FEATURES: Check for features that provide real benefits rather than gimmicks.

3. VALUE FOR MONEY: When comparing pumps consider value for money rather that price. A fire pump is an investment for years to come.

4. GENUINE HONDA ENGINE: Choose a top quality, reliable engine like a Honda that will start first time.

5. WARRANTY: Aussie Pumps is the only company that offers 5 year warranty on their firefighting pumps and a full range of spares for service down the track.

You can view Aussie’s 5 Reasons to Choose an Aussie Fire Pump video on YouTube or visit aussiepumps. for further information.