A World Of Possibilities

From delicate miniature models and medical components to scale models of houses and intricate jewellery there is a world of possibilities in the latest 3D Printers.

Shaun Towell, managing director of 3D Printers Online (3DPO), has always been fascinated with emerging technologies.

“3D Printing really took my imagination and I saw great potential and practical application,” he said.

As a new dad with a job which included a huge amount of travel he was looking for a business that he could run online and that would inspire him with its potential.

World Of Possibilities“We live in a 3D dimensional world. As this technology continues to evolve (and so the materials) so too will the applications broaden.The possibilities are truly endless. One could print something as simple as a Christmas decoration to something as complex as an automotive part,” he said.

“Recently we assisted a student with his year-end assignment as the 3D Printer he intended to use was no longer available.

“He and his mother contacted our office desperate for a solution. We managed to produce the required models in only a few short hours. Ironically many of the students in his class resorted to woodworking which forced the due date of the assignment to be postponed.”

While 3D Printing is most commonly used in manufacturing it is also extremely popular amongst creative users, hobbyists and enthusiasts.

3DPrinters come in small and large and have found new homes at schools, businesses and homes alike.

Costs vary from entry level printers for hobbyist from $400 to professional/ commercial 3D printers which can range from $1500-$10,000 (or more) depending on the technology and application.

“Although our name would suggest otherwise, 3D Printers Online has a physical showroom,” said Shaun.

The 2-level showroom is at 6/7 Salisbury Rd, Castle Hill and has an onsite repair/ service centre.

“We will soon roll out our 3D printing/design/prototyping/ scanning service and in the new year we will be launching training and workshops for young and old and for hobbyists and professionals.”

To find out more visit the website 3dprintersonline.com.au


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