You Don’t Want A Silent Night This Christmas

It is around Christmas and other celebrations when untreated hearing loss contributes to social isolation.

If people can’t hear they cannot participate in a group conversation and quickly tune out. It’s at these gatherings that you really don’t want a silent night. You want to participate and enjoy the company of your loved ones.

Daniel Fechner has been working in audiology since starting an internship in Germany in 2001. His passion to bring hearing to people has brought him across the globe from Germany, via a social project for hearing impaired children in Peru, all the way to Australia.

He has been bringing the knowledge he has gained both overseas and in Australia to his own business, the EAR STUDIO in Castle Hill for nearly two years.

“The treatment approaches around the world are very different,” he said.

“In Australia, it seems to be very much a retail-based approach where the focus is on the sale of a hearing aid.

“We focus on being an audiology care provider not a hearing retail shop. People with any ear issue can find guidance. We thoroughly assess each client in the initial assessment and make a plan based on the findings.

“Where medical investigation and treatment is required we refer to the GP who may incorporate specialists in the treatment approach. By working with many health care professionals, we ensure that clients get the best treatment available. This is our one and only focus.

“In Germany, it is mandatory that the clinician trials different hearing aids for each client over a process of 6-8 weeks and achieves a documented hearing improvement for the client before a product can be sold. “The hearing results for a client are dependent on how hearing devices are programmed. This takes a lot of time. It is little dependent on the actual hearing aid and much more on the time the provider spends to modify and fine-tune the settings to they work well for each individual client.”

In starting his own business in May 2019, it has enabled Daniel to be more flexible in his treatment.

“I am adapting a German treatment process with hearing rehabilitation training with great success.

“The clients who trust me with their hearing concerns will go through a process of assessment, different fittings and adjustments through to, comprehensive measurements to identify which is the right type of hearing aids and more importantly what is the best programming,” he says.

“This gives me sufficient time to get to know the client and their needs and we can make any required adjustments to achieve optimal hearing results before my clients make a purchasing decision.

“Through this approach, clients who opt to receive hearing treatment from EAR STUDIO know exactly how well they can hear before spending any money on hearing aids. In a time where many companies promote quick 15-minute hearing tests or sell new hearing aids within a one-hour appointment this is a truly different and outstanding approach of hearing care.“

If you or one close to you experience issues with their hearing and look for a provider with care and compassion, call EAR STUDIO on 02 9159 6122 or visit the website to book your appointment.


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