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Police In Boat Dropping Off Supplies In Richmond You Are Amazing
Police taking supplies to homes isolated in the floods

From the SES volunteers braving dangerous flood waters to rescue people from their homes and the businesses that went out of their way to ensure that people had medications, food and basics, the flood has seen some extraordinary acts of courage and kindness.

The video of Simon from Hawkesbury Houseboats who jumped into a boat to head off a rogue container on the river at Wiseman’s Ferry, steering it away from hitting a line of moored houseboats, was just one of the amazing images from the past few days.

Hawkesbury Ses River Rescue Tuesday You Are Amazing
River rescue | photo by hawkesbury ses

There was pharmacist Lizzy Gripper at Windsor who packed crates of medication that had to be taken by helicopter to North Richmond, the Fire and Rescue NSW helicopter at Windsor being packed with groceries to restock stores the other side of the river and the police and SES boats out and about rescuing people and their pets.

Staff at clubs such as The Richmond Club who helped set up an evacuation centre and then assisted evacuating those in caravans at the Wanderest Travellers Park.

Flood Medications Getting To North Richmond You Are Amazing
Pharmacist lizzy gripper from blooms the chemist helps load medications

Castle Hill RSL and Castle Hill Showground were also centres for evacuation. See stories on pages 5, 11, 12 and 22.

Then there were residents who did everything to help friends and neighbours and organisations who filled thousands of sandbags.

Hawkesbury and Hills Council staff were out and about helping. Hawkesbury Mayor Patrick Conolly and Hills Mayor Michelle Byrne urged people to reach out for help.

You Are Amazing
Frnsw taking grocery supplies from windsor to richmond

We have compiled some images and stories that give a glimpse of what has happened. If you have a story you want to tell us email [email protected]

Our Flood stories appear throughout the magazine. Our team would like to take this opportunity to wish you a Happy Easter.


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