Dog trainer Barbara Hodel is great with teenagers, teenage dogs that is.

The qualified and Delta-accredited dog trainer volunteers her time with GSP (German Shorthaired Pointer) Rescue based at Glossodia.

One of young dogs she is training is two-yearold rescue Maddie who has been a little difficult during the COVID-19 lockdown at her family’s Cherrybrook home.

“Teenage dogs need much more mental and physical exercise than puppies, because their brain is wired for exploration and they are physically in their prime – with energy to spare,” said Barbara.

“They also show very challenging behaviours – they pull like steam trains, don’t come back when called, create their own jobs like digging up the yard or eating the pool lights, startle easy and are very emotional. Just like human teenagers.” Depending on the breed, smaller dogs can become teenagers as early as 7 to 8 months whilst larger breeds often enter that phase around the 12-month mark. It can also take up to 16 – 28 months to mature, depending on the individual dog, said Barbara.

In her book How to Love and Survive Your Teenage Dog, Barbara explains the unique challenges you and your teenage dog face; why and how your relationship matters in the training process.

Over the past 20 years of dog training, Barbara Hodel has helped thousands of teenage dogs and their families come out the other end of the difficult phase with a bright future ahead. Her positive, reward and science-based and ethical approach to training teenage dogs and their humans will help you, too!

You can – and should – enjoy your teenage four-legged companion despite the difficult (and sometimes very messy) behaviours they show. The reward is a happy and well-adjusted friend for life!

How To Train DogHow to Love and Survive Your Teenage Dog – The Complete Guide to Your Teenage Dog is available in print and as an e-book. Print $29 plus postage and E-book $20 at

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