Why Kids Should Learn To Swim


Teaching your children swimming at the earliest age will provide them with life-long skills.

During our hot summers, children love to jump into water with their family and friends, and here in Australia we are blessed with thousands of quality swimming facilities.

According to Michelle Doyle, the Aquatics Manager at the CHRSL Group, swimming is one of the best things you can learn as a child.

“Swimming is a low impact cardiovascular activity that provides your child with an excellent workout for the whole body,” Doyle said. “It improves coordination, balance and flexibility, it helps to develop strong bones and muscles and can help to reduce stress and relieve tension.

“Children also learn the basic skills of sharing, taking their turn, social interactions with peers, listening skills, respect and trust in their teacher. These are all valuable life lessons that will assist their ongoing development at school.”

Doyle said that from our oceans, lakes, rivers, dams, pools and waterholes, “water is everywhere and swimming skills provide the knowledge and respect needed to help us be safe in and around water”.

Learn To SwimAccording to official statistics, more than 500 children aged between 0-4 years lost their lives between July 2003 and June 2020.

According to Doyle, adult supervision is very important when a child is in the water.

“Swimming can be a great family activity offering an opportunity to spend quality time with your children,” she said. “This enjoyable activity can keep them healthy and confident throughout their lifetime and can enhance their social lives, teach teamwork and time management skills.”

The Castle Hill Fitness and Aquatic Centre is offering free classes for babies from four months to eight months. Classes will continue from babies through to learn to swim, pre-squad, mini-squads and then to junior, fitness and performance squads.

There are classes for children with special needs and adults. Prices start from $83 a month and classes run throughout the week.

Details: 9846 1230 or [email protected]


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