Cricket legend Steve Waugh visited Crestwood High on Thursday to say hello to Crestwood student Liam Titterton and Talk about the work of his Foundation which has been helping Liam.

He also played a game of explosive 20/20 cricket with students, much to their delight. Liam has Acute Demyelinating Encephalomyopathy (ADEM) which creates lesions on his brain affecting gross motor skills, speech, tightness in and shortening of his muscles, and involuntary movement he can’t control. It is a condition which worsens with age.

The Steve Waugh Foundation was set up to help people with rare diseases and over the past 12 years the Foundation has helped Liam in many ways to give Liam a voice and independent mobility. He joined the school’s SRC so he could ask his school to support the foundation that has been a huge help to him. Crestwood High hopes to raised $3000.

His father, Ross Titterton, will be joining the Steve Waugh Foundation’s Captain’s Challenge cycle. He has already raised $7000 for the six-day ride which starts in Queensland on November 4.

In 2007 a Dynavox V communication device gave him a voice, then a LEVO stand up wheelchair C3 with a Bluetooth R-Net control system in 2011 helped him walk for the first time and a new stand up wheelchair in 2016 has given him control of his mobility.

Liam’s mum Karen said: “We all need the continued support of medical experts, researchers, governments, charities and everyone, so Liam, and all people and children with a rare disease don’t fall through the cracks and become the forgotten aspect of society.”

To make a donation visit stevewaughfoundation.com.au/eventsfundraiser

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