The days of lantana and other weed infestation in the extensive grounds of Warrah at Dural are numbered.

The Rudolf Steiner organisation, which is dedicated to enriching the lives people with disability, is set to receive a $18,180 Federal grant to complete Stage 2 of its Weed Management bushland project.

The project will focus on removal of extensive lantana infestation, bamboo and other weed species throughout Warrah’s 12 hectare bushland site.

Lantana At Warrah Warrah’s War On WeedsWarrah will use an ecological management consultancy organisation – Apunga – to complete the works. The project will also include replanting of more appropriate species and stabilising the soil.

Stage 1 of Warrah’s weed management project took about six months and involved extensive weed removal works as well as planting of native tubestock to assist with regeneration and stabilisation.

It was followed by a program of maintenance to treat weed regrowth which may have invaded cleared areas.

Warrah’s business manager Craig Gouws said: “Funding for Stage 2 is very important, as this will enable us to effectively manage the problem of invasive weeds (lantana and bamboo) on our property and ensure we responsibility work towards eradicating them to maintain our beautiful bushland campus.”

The Warrah Trust was set up 50 years ago by a group of friends. Founder Karl Kaltenbach started clearing the land on Harris Rd with a group of teenagers with disability in preparation for a biodynamic and organic vegetable garden.

The Biodynamic Farm is still operating at the property as is the Warrah Farm Shop which has been operating for 20 years. The site is also home to Warrah Special School as well as a number of other disability support services.

For more information about the Communities Environment Program, visit www.environment.gov.au/cep

For more information about Warrah and its services visit warrah.org

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