Valentine’s Day

When it comes to the day itself, how one person interprets it is different from the next. So the questions we ask ourselves are:

• Is it the history about St. Valentine via the Romans & the Pagans, that brings the best of love?
• Is it the poems & poetry that woos our partners, that’s important?
• Is it the thinking process & buying of gifts, is the better thing?
• It seems as though we’ll never ever know!

And also the many different countries involved in celebrations; like USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, France & Australia, which enjoy the day.

Is even funny to know that of the Greeting Card industry; that 145 million cards are sent each year, & that women buy approx. 85% of all valentines!

No matter what we believe in, or how we celebrate the big eventful day each year, one thing is for certain; people generally celebrate it.

From the many gifts; like roses & chocolates, to romantic time together somewhere quiet of sorts!

Whatever the celebration, people generally enjoy it; even for us singles indulging ourselves a little with such enjoyment is great too!!

With the many ways to enjoy it all; we all know that the day will be enjoyed by all, & often remembered until next year.

And as we think of Cupid, with his trusty bow & arrows of love; we’ll always remember our Valentine!

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