Triple 000

Brian Parsell | Chief Inspector, Western Sydney Zone

A mother died after she and her daughter stopped at the side of the road in Ambleside Drive, Castle Hill to check the boot of the car at 3:30 PM on Sunday July 22. The car ran over the mother, 58, who sustained critical head injuries. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

A 49-year-old man was transported by ambulance to Westmead Hospital in a stable condition on July 22 after falling at home and sustaining a serious laceration to his hand on a broken bottle. Paramedics were called to Seven Hills Rd, Baulkham Hills just after 9:30 AM. Surgery was required.

A 53-year-old Glenhaven woman was injured while preparing to go to work on July 19 after she tripped on her dog and fell injuring her arm. Paramedics arrived on scene within minutes of the emergency call to find that the woman had fractured her upper arm and dislocated her shoulder. Following strong pain relief medications the woman’s arm was splinted and she was transported by ambulance to Hornsby Hospital in a stable condition.

A shopper has been praised for saving a man’s life after rushing to his aid at a shopping centre. The woman was at the Castle Hill Super Centre at 11:30 AM on July 11 when a 73-old Castle Hill man sitting at a nearby café with his daughter suddenly started choking on a piece of meat. The man collapsed to the ground and was unable to breath when the bystander, who had just completed her first aid refresher training two days earlier, stepped in to help and immediately cleared the obstruction and restored the man’s breathing before paramedics arrived on scene.

Chief Inspector Brian Parsell praised the actions of the first aider saying “had this woman not stepped in when she did the man would have quickly gone into cardiac arrest”

“The actions of this lady go above and beyond, and this man is only with us today because of her unselfish commitment to save the life of a complete stranger.”

Emergency Services responded to Stringer Rd, Kellyville North on July 20 following multiple triple zero calls to a car that has crashed into a house. Paramedics arrived to find a scene of complete carnage. A vehicle had collided with two parked cars, left the roadway, and ruptured the gas and water mains of a neighbouring property before crashing through a fence and ending up in the living room of an adjoining property.

Paramedics were amazed that nobody was injured in the ordeal.

In another car drama paramedics, Fire and Rescue NSW and the CareFlight helicopter responded to a Castle Hill address following multiple triple zero calls to a 74-year-old man who was trapped in his car after it crashed through his garage. Paramedics arrived on scene to find that bystanders had managed to rescue the man from the twisted metal and bricks that resulted in the crash. Paramedics treated the injured man for a lower leg injury before he was transported to Westmead Hospital in a stable condition.


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