Members of the RFS have been given a huge community hug for their efforts during what was one of the worst fire seasons ever seen in the Hawkesbury, especially the Gospers Mountain Fire which started with a lightning strike.

Residents signed more than 3000 Thank you cards and every school sent cards.

Hawkesbury City Council has just organised several small thank you functions for RFS members, in groups of 20, to acknowledge all Hawkesbury Rural Fire Service volunteers and staff.

A total of 19 RFS stations were given Thank you frames made of the cards to keep. The Mayor of Hawkesbury, Councillor Barry Calvert said:

“Council and our community obviously wanted to give Hawkesbury RFS a big thank you Street Parade. But as things have panned out, this has unfortunately been unable to happen.

Resilience shows up in many ways, and that includes finding other ways to thank our firies, who have given so much in the past and who continue to do so now and into the future to protect our communities, our families, our animals, our bushland, our homes and our assets.

“I doubt any of us can see a firefighter, or anyone in an emergency services uniform, in the Hawkesbury and not feel a sense of pride and appreciation for what you do for us.”

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