The Hills Daily Grind celebrated last week after three more students gained Certificates for completing the 10-week Café Connect job skills training program.

Hills Community Aid established The Hills Daily Grind mobile coffee van as a social enterprise program six years ago to connect with communities over a coffee but to also provide barista training to students who were disconnected with school plus training programs for adults.

Trainer Crystal Graham said the course was open to adults looking to upskill or looking for work.

Wednesday’s graduates were the second group to undertake the course. The third group has started the 10- week course already.

The training includes barista skills in making coffees but also customer service skills.

Kitty Lee has been a volunteer with Hills Community Aid for two years teaching IT skills and always wanted to learn to make coffee.

“I live locally and I like seeing everyone happy (drinking her coffee). The course was fascinating. I learned a lot.”

Hiral Joshi is a mum of two girls ages 9 and 5 and is rejoining the workforce.

“I want to do volunteering and I also want to find a job as a barista I enjoyed everything. It was good to learn how to make coffee.”

Pratham Purohit a university student said it was a great way to upskill. “I am looking for more opportunities to do community service and I thought this was a good way to help people and upskill. I like coffee.”

Hills Mayor Michelle Byrne presented the certificate and said: “ It’s a great program which provides people with the skills to go and get a job or upskill and Hills Community Aid should be congratulated for running this program here in the Hills.”

When it’s not involved in training The Hills Daily Grind and volunteers are providing a cafine lift to hundreds of people every week at the Balcombe Heights Estate, opposite Jasper Road Public School in Baulkham Hills from 8am and 10am on Wednesdays in the front carpark 92 Seven Hills Rd, Baulkham Hills.


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