Sweets for Sight

The air was definitely sweet at The Hills Private Hospital on Wednesday September 18 when staff and volunteers held a “Sweets For Sight” cupcake sale. The sale was a fund-raising initiative for Vision Australia. Rob Broad Consumer Liaison Coordinator at The Hills Private. Hospital said: “We are extremely proud to partner with Vision

Australia in our efforts to continually improve the Patient Experience.

“We identify the needs of the individual patient and look for ways to cater to those needs.”

Vision Australia conducted two in-service programs for the staff and volunteers at the hospital.

He said: “This has led to a greater understanding of the challenges facing our sight-impaired patients; one outcome was the purchase of large-numbered telephones to be made available to patients.”

Current patient, Kirstin Pickard was born vision impaired and has been very involved with Vision Australia. Her mother Cathy said: “Vision Australia was my life saver and I couldn’t have coped without them,” visiting her at her home as early as 4 weeks of age.“

Kirstin (pictured), helped at the event and trialled the new large buttoned phones.

Patients, staff and visitors all joined in the sweet festivities to raise over $850 for Vision Australia.

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