Students Think Sustainably For Waste Free Lunch Day

Thousands of students from 18 Hills schools have opted against using paper and plastic wrappers on their lunches to celebrate Waste Free Lunch Day.

The annual celebration of sustainability encourages students, staff and parents to think about creating lunch boxes that result in no waste.

Hills Shire Mayor Dr Michelle Byrne said she hoped Waste Free Lunch day was habit-forming.

“Teaching students that they can make more environmentally-friendly lunch choices will encourage them to get into good habits,” Mayor Byrne said.

“More often than not we use unnecessary amounts of packaging and where possible that should be avoided.”

Students were also encouraged to only use foods that were to be eaten in full or able to be composted, along with reusable utensils.

“I’m glad to see students at schools like St Michael’s at Baulkham Hills enthusiastically participating in this fantastic initiative.”

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