Spring Fertilising: Activate Your Plants Growth

With spring now upon us, the plants in your garden will begin to grow. This is the time when every plant in your garden including your lawn will need fertilising to maximise growth and maintain good health and vigour before the warmer months.

Before coming to the nursery, think about which plants you have growing in your garden. They may include native plants, roses, fruit trees, shrubs and pot plants and also grassed areas.

When you attend the nursery, there are usually 2 main groups of fertilisers available, which are organic or non-organic fertilisers. Organic fertilisers are derived from animal and plant products such as animal manures, compost and seaweeds. Non-organic fertilisers are usually sold in granular or powdered forms.

If you choose an organic fertiliser, a bag of Katek in the pellet form is a very economical, easy to apply, slow-release fertiliser which can be used on most plants including potted plants. If you prefer a liquid fertiliser, they are available in concentrated form or in a powdered form which can be added to water and mixed before applying.

There are also more specific fertilisers available for fruit trees, camellias, roses, natives and lawns. Even though there is an enormous range of fertilisers available, most gardens may only need a few different types to provide adequate feeding. fertilising fertilising

When you have purchased your fertilisers, take them home and read the instructions on the packet before applying. This ensures the correct application rate is used so you don’t waste fertilisers or overfeed your plants.

It is very easy to cause fertiliser burn on your plants if you incorrectly apply fertilisers. Make sure you wet the soil prior to feeding and always spread fertilizers evenly over the plant drip line and then water again. If you follow the instructions taking the correct care, you will be rewarded with beautiful strong growth and much healthier plants.

We look forward to seeing you at Sydney’s Plant Market where our staff can give you advice on any fertilising requirements and help you choose from our wide range of products available. See you at the nursery and Happy Spring!


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