Good Men Speak Up

Male voices from the age of 14 to 73 are using the 2021 Good Men Project to share their views about respectful relationships, masculinity and gender stereotypes.

The youngest participant,14-year-old Lucas said: “Respect means genuinely accepting people for who they are and what they believe in.”

For 29-year-old Vivaan: “Attributes such as creativity, emotional intelligence and kindness should hold more value in our society”.

Hills Community Aid started the Good Men Project in 2018 as a response to feedback during the White Ribbon Campaign from men who said that they wanted things to change in society but they didn’t feel they had an opportunity to speak up.

Suzzanne Deguara, Safer Communities Program Worker with HCA, said: “Men haven’t had a voice in this conversation about respectful relationships and gender-based stereo-types for so long.

“Our stereotypes are mostly sporting heroes and perceived masculinity. Unhelpful gender stereotypes, telling men that it’s not okay to be themselves, have a huge impact on relationships and mental health and they can contribute to a whole host of problems in society.”

She collated the 2021 comments saying most men are nurturing, caring and kind which should be the ideal that young men are encouraged to aspire to.

The 2021 Good Men project will go live on the Hills Community Aid Facebook and Instagram this Friday (September 10) as well.

BEN (38) believes that good-hearted

Good Men
Suzzanne deguara co-ordinator of the good men project

men who show support and compassion for others need to step up to take the lead and become role models for other boys and men.

BRYAN (35) said Adam Goodes is a great role model: “His work in Indigenous literacy programs and combating racism through his strength of character makes him a shining example in how to take a stand without compromising principles or belittling others”.

MARK (50) “I respect my grandfather, he was always so giving and he was a real softy. He shared his emotions and he always considered others and how he could help them”.

VISHAL (41) “I believe that your spiritual thinking and good soul makes you a good man.”


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