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Sub-Club Sensations

Community ExpoThere is so much more to the venues that make up CHRG (Castle Hill RSL Group).

Woven into the vibrant tapestry of CHRG are over 20 sub-clubs which are thriving under the dedicated guidance of passionate volunteers.

From the competitive spirit of cricket to the artistic notes of a youth wind orchestra, the clubs cover a wide array of interests, creating a rich mosaic of community engagement.

Boasting nearly 3,000 registered members, sub-club roots run deep, welcoming both longstanding participants with almost 50 years of continuous membership, and enthusiastic newcomers who joined just weeks ago.

A highlight in the sub-club’s calendar is the Annual Sports and Community Awards Showcase which occurred on Wednesday, November 15th at Castle Hill RSL Club.


Sport and Community Development Manager at CHRG Paul Kougias said: “This event recognised the outstanding efforts of 21 individuals across two categories: Volunteer of the Year and Junior Sportsperson of the Year. “Beyond accolades, the occasion serves as a melting pot for sub-clubs to mingle, fostering a sense of community and providing a platform to share their unique stories and accomplishments.”

Chrg Boys Soccer Sub-Club Sensations

Looking ahead, the excitement is building for CHRG’s upcoming Sports and Community Expo on Saturday, November 25th, from 10am to 4pm at Castle Hill RSL Club.

This exciting event will showcase the diverse sub-clubs, inviting the community to explore the plethora of activities available. The Expo will feature activations specifically tailored for children aged 5 to 11, ensuring a day of fun and discovery for the entire family.

Paul said: “The enduring relationship between CHRG and its sub-clubs spans over 50 years, with the group providing crucial funding to support the dedicated work of volunteers and ensuring the ongoing participation in sport and community activities.

This commitment exemplifies CHRG’s dedication to nurturing community engagement and development, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their interests, finds a welcoming place to enjoy time, within CHRG, its venues and sub-clubs.”

Volunteer Award winners:
Ken Sherwood (Castle Hill Bowling Club)
John Langford (CHRSL Adult swimming Club)
Frank Gnanam (CHRSL Badminton Club)
Peter Sredojevic (CHRSL Cricket Club)
Simon Duda (CHRSL Darts Club)
Belinda Dale (CHRSL Dolphins Swimming Club)
David Spencer (CHRSL Fishing Club)
Dave Sherlock (CHRSL Golf Club)
Keiran Hart (CHRSL Gymnastics club)
Boris Manente (CHRSL Rockets Football)
Louis Minihan (CHRSL snooker club)
Petra Evans (CHRSL Youth Wind Orchestra)
Tom Madigan (Parramatta Golf Club)
Wayne Ball (Lynwood Golf Club)
Junior Sportsperson of the Year
Aarohi Puri (CHRSL Badminton Club)
Cadell Birch (CHRSL Cricket Club)
Hailey Leung (CHRSL Dolphins Swimming Club)
Eva Fountis (CHRSL Gymnastics club)
Shivam Lal (CHRSL Rockets Football)
Ciny Hu (CHRSL Youth Wind Orchestra)
Jordan Ball (Lynwood Golf Club)

To find out more about the expo visit:

H2H Sports Expo Half Page Hr Sub-Club Sensations

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