Dog owners now have a brand new space to “park” their dog when they nip into the shops at Stockland Mall Baulkham Hills.

The dog area opened for canine visitors last month with room for a maximum of four dogs at a time.

The maximum stay is 30 minutes. The centre manager at Stockland Mall Baulkham Hills, Andrew Koch, said the call for a dog area was made by customers and the feedback had been excellent.

“This dog parking initiative is a great example of listening to our customers. Customers had expressed that there were often times dogs being tied up outside of the centre entrances, so we came up with a way to allow owners to bring their furry companions to the centre with them,” he told the Hills to Hawkesbury Community News

“The area is complete with artificial grass, a fountain and water bowls, dog waste bags, benches, and even a dog house for those Instagram moments.”

“Customer feedback has been very positive, with many people grateful to be able to tie their dogs up somewhere more comfortable. We think it will be especially popular come the hot summer months, when dogs can be left inside our air-conditioned centre while their owners make quick visits.”

Ronza Tom (pictured) used the facility with her dog Freyja and gave it the thumbs up.

“The dog parking is in such a convenient location, so I can quickly pop in and out and know she’ll be okay.

“As it is slighty enclosed, Freyja felt very comfortable and safe even though there were so many people walking past. “The area is also very clean and provides all the necessary amenities, such as a drinking fountain and poop bags,” she said.

Cleaners attend the area every 20-30 minutes, and will clean as required but owners are urged to do the right thing.

There is no supervision of pets and the centre takes no responsibility for the protection or safety of dogs left at the station.

Dogs must be securely fastened to the hooks provided. It’s recommended that owners use lockable collars/leads to keep animals extra safe and secured while at the station.

Owners must clean up after their dogs immediately using the bags provided.

Dogs will be removed from site if they are causing issues or disturbances, including growling, excessive barking, biting or other similar behaviour.

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