Scouts New Ses Award

A group of local cub scouts have become the first in the State to get the new Scout SES Badge.

When the COVID pandemic halted Face-to-Face meetings and forced the group online it was difficult as members were also schooling via the internet as well.

The 2ndBaulkham Hills Cub Scouts was very fortunate that one of its leaders and cub dad, Daniel McGovern – Commander of The Hills SES, was able lead the cubs through the new Scout SES Badge.

They were the first group in NSW to undertake and receive the badge. The badge was created by scouting members/SES in Western Australia.

Dan has since branched out and is assisting other local groups gain their SES Badge. The badge is designed with a program to suit every section of the scouting movement, Joeys through to Rovers.

The SES badge is designed to give the cubs a better understanding of what the SES does. Not just putting a tarpaulin on your roof or cutting up trees. It also has then putting together a home emergency kit, learning what to do in various emergencies, knotting and working with tools.


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