Ruvi Pooliyadde Poppies

Ten-year-old Ruvi Pooliyadde has made a huge bunch of poppies to remember veterans of war.

The Matthew Pearce student has enjoyed crocheting the flowers and said she wanted the work she did to be meaningful. “Poppies are really beautiful and they mean a lot, they are not just ordinary flowers… ,” said Ruvi. She was given a crochet kit and started with squares. Her mother was given a hand-made poppies on Remembrance Day last year which inspired Ruvi to make several poppies of her own.

Ruvi PooliyaddeProud mum Nadeesha Cheryl, who has yet to master the skill of crocheting, said she was very proud of her youngest child. “She is amazing.”

Ruvi has already handed over several poppies to the Castle Hill RSL subbranch for use on ANZAC Day and plans to make about 20 more during the school holidays.

Cheryl Hill, Castle Hill RSL sub-branch vice-president (welfare) said: “Ruvi is so young and has such commitment to the ANZAC spirit. I think it is absolutely wonderful.”

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