ANZAC Day Threatened

The future of ANZAC Day is under threat and RSL NSW, Australia’s oldest veteran charity, is calling on younger veterans to step up and join the RSL movement to save it. ANZAC Day Threatened

Every year we see dedicated veteran volunteers organise hundreds of events to ensure that Australians don’t forget – but this won’t always be the case. In fact, those who have long been responsible for events like ANZAC won’t be around to continue the tradition in the years to come.

Anzac Day Threatened

Therefore RSL NSW is calling on the younger generation of veterans to step up and join us, to make sure commemorative events are not forgotten across NSW. It’s important to make sure we have commemorative events to remember the service and sacrifice made by our veterans of even the most recent of conflicts. In fact, this year’s face-to-face ANZAC Day commemorations will be the first since Australia’s withdrawal from Afghanistan.

We would love you to raise awareness of this year’s commemorative events in your region, and recognise those locally who bring this event to life, and help get the next generation to support the RSL movement.

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