Rubbish Dumpers On Notice

Tree lopping companies are continuing to illegally dump mulch throughout The Hills.

Council is teaming up with the Western Sydney Regional Illegal Dumping (RID) Squad to crack down on the illegal waste dumpers, after one was recently caught in the act trashing Quintana Avenue Reserve, Baulkham Hills with more than one cubic metre of mulch.

Council’s Group Manager of Environment and Planning Cameron McKenzie said that Council had a zero tolerance approach to waste dumping.

“The mulch produced after a tree is lopped or removed must be disposed at a licensed facility. It cannot simply be dumped in a park or public place,” Mr McKenzie said.

“Unfortunately there has been a rise of illegal dumping in public places throughout The Hills.”

“Some residents have told us they thought Council was leaving the mulch in the parks. That’s not how we operate.”

Mulch that is disposed of appropriately would be processed until it could be re-used as compost.

“Illegal waste dumpers are becoming increasingly brazen, often dumping rubbish in our parks during the middle of the day.”

Mr McKenzie said that Council’s best source of information was the public.

“I’d like to call on residents to take down as many details as they can if they ever see a truck dumping rubbish or mulch in a park.”

“We were able to fine a recent offender more than $4000 for dumping in Quintana Avenue Reserve thanks to a tip-off from a resident.”

“We want to deter these people with severe financial penalties. They are motivated by a desire to avoid tipping fees so we want to hit them where it hurts.”

If you spot illegal dumping occurring anywhere throughout The Hills, contact the RID Squad on 131 555.