Oz Rock for Zambia’s Child will try to raise the roof at Castle Hill Bowling Club on Saturday, March 28 when Ministry of Rock get going.

The popular covers band is supporting a night of entertainment organised to raise funds for the charity Zambia’s Child and the school it built in Kasompe, Zambia.

Committee member Rod Berry said Zambia’s Child was founded in 2007 by a group of people who sponsored children to provide education. In 2012 it acquired a block of land and built the Ipalo Christian Community School to provides quality education to vulnerable children.

“This year there are about 210 students in Primary Grades 1 to 7, plus the first cohort of about 30 students from 2013 is starting at our new High School!” said Mr Berry. “The Grade 8 students are the first graduates from Primary School last year and all passed their exams, with over half achieving Division One results.“

He said the past eight years had seen more than 1000 ‘child years’ of schooling take place and up to 300,000 cooked meals provided to students.

“A single class in an old shed has now become 12 classrooms, a dining area, assembly area, staffroom and a playground.

“The first students who were sponsored from 2007 onwards have now graduated tertiary and trade studies and found employment, including one who is a teacher at the school.”

The school now employs 10 teachers, 5 general staff and an agricultural worker who grows vegetables and maintains chickens to provide vegetables, eggs and fresh meat for school lunches.

“Adult literacy and vocational training classes have helped many parents into better employment, including starting their own businesses.

“Some mothers have now completed primary school themselves for the first time. The change in health of the new students after a few weeks at the school (and even after returning from break) is clearly visible.”

Current goals include purchasing new classroom equipment, installing ceiling fans and buying required classroom furniture. Solar panels are being explored for self-reliant electricity.

The Oz Rock Music Night for Zambia’s Child is on Saturday, March 28 doors open at 6.30pm.

Tickets vary in price from $30 to $90.

The dinner and dance with Ministry of Rock will be at Castle Hill Bowling Club, Castle St, Castle Hill. To book or to find out more information visit:

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