The selection of the plant list below are easy care and provide long flowering through the seasons. All are available from local nurseries. For visual impact plant in groups of threes and fives. This is also a great way to fill the garden with foliage and colour. Good gardening, Sue.

Plant ListTREES:
• Corymbia cultivars – Summer Red Flowering Gum – 6m × 3-4m red flowers with urn shaped fruit.

• Banksia integrifolia – Coast Banksia- 15m × 6m-pale yellow cylindershaped lowers.

• Callistemon Harkness – Gawler Hybrid- 5m × 3m red flowers with pendulous branches.

• Melaleuca linariifolia – Snow in Summer 10m × 8 m soft cream flowers.

• Brachychiton populneus – Kurrajong – 8m – 10m × 10m-cream to pink bell-shaped flowers.

Plant ListSHRUBS:
• Begonia “Angel Wing” – Begonia, 50cm – 80cm Silver spotted leaves, scarlet/pink flowers.

• Correa reflexa “Dusky Bells” – Native Fuchsia – 1m × 1.5m – Dusky pink to red flowers.

• Grevillea lanigera “Wooly Grevillea” 1m × 1m-white,cream red and pink flowers.

• Lavandula stoechas – Spanish Lavender – 30-60 cm × 30-60cm purple flowers.

• Philtheca myoporoides – Long-leaf Waxflower – 80cm × 80 cm white star like flowers.

• Salvia “Blue Bedder” – bright blue flowers 1m × 1m.

• Callistemon Little John – “Bottle Brush” “Little John” 1m × 1m-dark red bottle brush flowers.

• Choisya ternate – Mexican Orange Blossom 2m × 2m-white fragrant flowers.

• Grevillea poorinda – Grevillea “Royal Mantle” to 6m wide – trailing plant with red “toothbrush” flowers.

• Kennedia rubicunda – Red Coral Peavigorous sprawling groundcover red flowers.

• Osteospermum cultivars – African Daisy – 1m × 1m-white, pink, purple, orange blue green foliage.

• Cerastium tomentosum – Snow in Summer – 75cm × 75 cm white flowers with silver foliage.

• Gaillardia “Lorenziana” Blanket Flower – 45cm × 90cm red and yellow flowers.

• Carpobrotus glaucescens – Native Pig Face-perennial succulent to 50cm

• Alternanthera “Little Ruby” – fast growing groundcover deep burgundy colour.

• Lomandra sp – Mat Rush 40cm -1m strappy foliage, fragrant cream flowers.

• Anigozanthos “Big Red” – Kangaroo Paw, deep red flowers 1m to 2m.

• Dianella spp – Blue Flax Lily – blue flowers in Spring 0.5m -1m.

• Dracena draco – Dragon Tree. long bluish-green fan shaped leaves 2m to 8m.

• Strelitizia reginae – Bird of Paradise-Blue and orange flowers.

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