The Castle Hill Players’ latest production is intense and confronting but is a must for those seeking good quality drama not far from home.

Director, Faith Jessel has done a terrific job with The Diary of Anne Frank written by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett. Her talented cast includes 21-year-old Genevieve Papadoupoulos as schoolgirl Anne Frank and 18-year-old Yarno Rohling as Peter van Dan.

The Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winning adaptation of Anne Frank’s remarkable diary tells the story of how Anne and her family survived for over two years during World War II hiding in the attic of her father’s business in Amsterdam.

Dave Kirkman as Otto Frank, Anne’s father and Judith Jankovics as Edith are at the centre of the of this harrowing tale. Brittany Macchetta from Baulkham Hills takes on the role of Anne’s elder sister Margot.

Anne’s diary covers the tensions of sharing such a small area with the van Daans and Mr Dussel and always living with the fear of being captured. Dural couple David and Kim Schad are standouts as the van Daans who add humour to the tense mix.

As always the case at The Pavilion Theatre, the set is amazing and gives a real sense of what these eight people had to endure for so long.

If you haven’t yet discovered this gem of a theatre at Castle Hill Showground it is time you did. The Diary of Anne Frank is on until October 12. For times and further details visit

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